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Join us for an insightful and impactful chapter meeting where we delve into the heart of philanthropy and volunteerism, exploring actionable ways we can give back, even if we only have one hour a year to give.
This session will cover four key areas:
  1. Philanthropy Teambuilding Ideas: Discover creative strategies to foster team and chapter unity and engagement through philanthropic initiatives. We’ll share innovative approaches that not only benefit the community but also strengthen team/chapter bonds.
  2. Programs You Could Support: Learn about various programs and organizations, including ones which help underserved communities and groups like veterans and mothers returning to the workforce, that you could consider donating your time and knowledge to.
  3. Skills-Based Volunteerism Ideas: We’ll discuss 4+ specific ways you can leverage your skills to contribute to causes that matter, transforming your talents into tools for social good.
  4. Corporate Philanthropy and Volunteerism: Gain insights into how companies are embedding philanthropy and volunteerism into their culture. We’ll exchange ideas on what our organizations do and offer, inspiring each other to elevate our commitment to giving back.
This session is designed to be a collaborative platform for sharing, learning, and inspiring action. Whether you’re a seasoned philanthropist or new to volunteerism, you’ll leave with a renewed sense of purpose and a toolkit of ideas to implement in your workplace and beyond. Let’s come together to shape a culture of generosity and service that extends far beyond our meeting.