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We will explore the fundamentals of Tableau, a leading data visualization tool. We will cover how to connect to data sources, create various types of visualizations, and build interactive dashboards. By the end of the session, you will have a solid understanding of how to leverage Tableau to turn raw data into insightful and actionable visualizations. = = = ABOUT THE SPEAKER: I am Akanksha Singh and I'm pursuing my master's in IT management, having completed my undergraduate degree in Computer Engineering from India. With over 4 years of professional experience, I have worked as a Product and Data Analyst in the Customer Success team at Phonon Communication Pvt Ltd. My main focus was on optimizing customer experiences and driving positive outcomes, while also enhancing the company's analytical capabilities and operational efficiency. Currently, I am volunteering as a BI Analyst for the PMI SF Bay Area chapter, where I am responsible for analyzing data and providing insights to increase efficiency.